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Children's Boots & Shoes

Bogs kids’ boots are the sturdy offspring of a long line of durable, comfortable, sure-footed insulated boots created for grown-ups who work and play in the outdoors, no matter what the weather. When it’s time to head out the door, your kids can make an exciting step toward independence while announcing, “I can do it myself” with our iconic easy-on kids’ boots and shoes.

Our kids’ boots have been keeping children’s little feet dry, warm, and happy in all conditions for years. Our junior wear testers are outdoor enthusiasts who hike, camp, and sled, all the while giving our children’s boots a smiling thumbs up after a long day of adventuring. We’ve never stopped innovating for comfort and now we offer new waterproof styles of kids’ boots and shoes that will be right at home on the playground, ready for picture day, or set for wiggling some sand between your children’s toes while keeping them secure, steady on their feet, and comfortable all day long.